Portfolios let you create your own quickly accessible groups of stock listings. By collecting those stocks in which you are regularly interested you can, for instance, monitor movements across a particular sector or cross-refer a number of your favourite trading stocks at the touch of a button.

You can set up a Portfolio to display block price and volume information about specific stocks that you have selected. The data is live, and you can quickly trade on any of the Level 2 prices that you see.

You can access any of your 10 Portfolios from the main menu bar. You can also add stocks that you see in other windows (the Stock Finder, Trigger Pages or L2 Screens) to any of your Portfolios. Simply right-click on the stock and select the appropriate Portfolio.

Once you have a Portfolio open you can double-click on any listed item to open an L2 Screen for that stock. This will give you a live view of the full order book and allow you to trade a CFD on the stock. You can of course keep your Portfolio open in the background while trading CFDs on the stock, to keep an eye on other market movements.

You can also view the full order book by right-clicking on a stock and selecting Add To L2 Screen. Other options include opening a Deal Ticket for this stock, and viewing Time and Sales for this stock.

To remove a stock from a Portfolio right-click on the stock and select Delete. To change the name of a Portfolio (e.g. to indicate which sector it refers to) right-click anywhere in the main window and select Rename.