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If you would like news on a particular market or subject, and know the code (eg BARC.L for London-listed Barclays), just type it in to the Reuters screen and click 'Go'.

If you do not know a market's code, check the 'Find News Code for an instrument' option and enter a keyword (e.g. GOLD) for a list of likely codes.

Table of news codes

Click on the codes below to view news stories by category. Or, you can type the codes directly into the Reuters search feature.

Securities News
Dividend DIV
Initial Public Offerings IPO
Changes of ownership including Mergers and Acquisitions MRG
Corporate Results RES
Stock Markets STX
FX and Money Market News
Euro EUR
Forex Markets FRX
Money Markets MMT
Fixed Income News
Ratings news AAA
Debt Markets DBT
Equity-linked bonds EQB
Eurobonds EUB
Government/Sovereign Debt GVD
Loans LOA
Mortgage backed debt MTG
Muni news MUNI
Terms and conditions - bond issues TNC
U.S. Corporate Bonds USC
US Agencies AGN
Energy News
Bunkers BUN
Crude Oil CRU
Heating Oil HOIL
Liquid Petroleum Gas LPG
Naptha NAP
Natural Gas NGS
North Sea Oil NSEA
Products from Crude Oil PROD
Tankers TAN
Commodity News
Aluminium ALU
Cocoa COC
Coffee COF
Cotton and Silk COT
Gold and Precious Metals GOL
Grains GRA
Jet Fuel JET
Livestock LIV
Meals and Feeds MEAL
Mining MIN
Orange Juice ORJ
Petrochemicals PETC
Polymers POLY
Rubber RUB
Sugar SUG
News by Region
Africa AFE
Western Europe WEU
Eastern Europe EEU
Nordic Countries NORD
Balkan States BAK
Latin America LATAM
Middle East MEAST
Emerging Countries EMRG
News by Sector
Advertising ADV
Aerospace AER
Air Transport AIR
Automobiles and Automotive Equipment AUT
Banking BNK
Beverages and Tobacco BEV
Broadcasting, Publishing, Media PUB
Building materials BLD
Business/Public Services BUS
Chemicals CHE
Construction & Property CON
Data processing and Reproduction DPR
Electrical Appliances APL
Electronic, Electrical and Telecommunications Equipment ELC
Energy & Resources ENR
Energy Equipment ENQ
Financial & Business News FIN
Food FOD
Forestry & Timber TIM
Gold & Precious Materials GDM
Industrial components IND
Insurance INS
Iron & Steel STL
Metal Goods & Engineering MAC
Miscellaneous Materials MIS
Multi-Industry MUL
Non ferrous metals MET
Pharmaceuticals; Health; Personal Care DRU
Real Estate REA
Recreational & Sports goods REC
Retail RET
Road and Rail RRL
Semiconductors & active components ELI
Shipping SHP
Telecommunication services TEL
Textiles & Clothing TEX
Tourism & Leisure LEI
Utilities ELG
Wholesale WHO
Internet/World Wide Web WWW
General & Cross Market
Private/Government Aid AID
Bundesbank (German) BBK
Bank of England BOE
Bank of Japan BOJ
Bombings / Attacks BOMB
Central Banks CEN
Crime / Law Enforcement CRIM
Diaries DIARY
Defence DEF
Diplomacy / International Relations DIP
Disasters / Accidents / Natural Catastrophes DIS
Derivatives DRV
European Central Bank ECB
Economic Indicators ECI
Education EDU
European Community / Union EEC
Arts / Culture / Entertainment ENT
Environment; Natural World; Conservation ENV
European Union EU
Federal Reserve Board FED
Fund Investment news FUND
Film (movies) FILM
Group of Seven G7
Glances GLANCE
Top News TOP
Health / Medicines HEA
International Monetary Fund IMF
Immigration / Asylum IMM
Technical Analysis INSI
Interest Rates INT
New Issues ISU
Judicial processes / Court cases / Court decisions JUDIC
Labour / Employment / Unemployment JOB
Legislation LAW
Lifestyle LIF
Marco-Economics MCE
Music / Musical Artists MUSIC
General and political news NEWS
Human Interest ODD
Domestic Politics POL
Biographies / Personalities / People PRO
Press Digests PRESS
Regulatory issues REGS
Religion REL
Science / Technology SCI
International security / National security concerns SECUR
International Trade TRD
Civil War and War VIO
Elections VOTE
U.S. Government News WASH
Weather WEA
Internet / World Wide Web WWW