The simplest way to locate a stock is to use the Dictionary, which performs a generic search of all available stocks from all available markets. You can access the Dictionary from the main menu bar or from the Trade Book window.

To locate a stock you should:

Select a Market from the drop-down list

Or select All to search all available markets

Enter part or all of the Symbol, Name or ISIN code for the stock required

The more information you provide the fewer results will be displayed

Double-click on the relevant stock to view Level 2 prices

An L2 Screen for this stock will open, giving live access to the full order book

You can also view Level 2 prices by right-clicking on a stock and selecting Add To L2 Screen. Other options include: opening a Deal Ticket for this stock; viewing Time and Sales for this stock; setting a price alert by adding to Alerts; adding the stock to any of your Portfolio lists; or filtering your Trade Book for this stock.