Trigger Pages

The Trigger Pages provide the best means to survey large blocks of live market data, from which you can select specific stocks to view in more depth. Each Trigger Page displays a comprehensive list of individual share prices and price changes for a major stock index. So you can monitor fluctuations in real-time across an entire index, ready to trade on any of the prices you see.

You can access Trigger Pages from the main menu bar. You will be presented with a list of indices to choose from.

Once your Trigger Page is open you need only double-click on any stock listed to open an L2 Screen for that stock. This will give you live access to the full order book and allow you to deal on the stock. You can keep any number of Trigger Pages open in the background while trading on a specific stock, to keep an eye on other movements.

You can also view the full order book by right-clicking on a stock and selecting Add To L2 Screen. Other options include opening a Deal Ticket for this stock, and adding the stock to any of your Portfolio lists.


A wide selection of FTSE-derived indices, including industrial sectors and world indices can also be accessed via the Trigger Pages. The live value of the index is provided, along with the day's high and low levels. To gain access to this data you must return a signed exchange agreement.