Other L2 Dealer Tools

A number of useful functions can be accessed via the L2 dealer's toolbar.

Time and Sales

Find the day's trade reports for any stock. Enter the appropriate symbol and click Find to bring up a full chronological list of completed trades for that stock, indicating trade quantity, price and type. Click Next 15 in the bottom-right corner for earlier trades. Alternatively, you can add a stock to the Time and Sales window from the Stock Finder, an L2 Screen or any of your Portfolios.


Monitor specific stock prices by setting alerts. Clicking on the Alerts icon on the L2 tool bar opens the Alerts window. Clicking on Add Alert will open a new window entitled 'Edit Alerts'. To add an alert, you need to fill out the the Symbol of the stock in question and the target value of the alert. The field that the alert relates to is set as 'Last Trade' as a default, but you can also choose to set the alert basis 'Bid' or 'Ask' by use of the 'Field' drop-down menu.

The condition by which the target value is judged to be met is set as 'Lower or Equal' as a default, but you can also select 'Higher or Equal' from the drop-down (the 'Edit Alerts' window can also be accessed by right-clicking on any populated L2 screen; the 'Symbol' field is the automatically populated with the stock that you had in the L2 window). You can also choose to enter a comment that will appear with the alert. Clicking on 'Place' will add the new alert to the Active Limits section of the Alerts window.

When the limit is triggered the alert will flash in the Breached Limits section and the Alert lights at the top of the main L2 toolbar will flash. Click on any existing limit in the window to alter the Target Value and conditions. Right-click on any limit to open an L2 Screen or Deal Ticket for that stock.

Spot Rates

A comprehensive list of foreign exchange spot rates, along with the high, low and change for the day. This function is available on request; please call us if you are interested in this service.



A live news feed, direct from Reuters. A list of news codes is available from the Reuters page of this Help file.



Investment research and technical analysis on a selection of stocks, currencies and financial futures from Investors Intelligence.



A live update of stock prices on the London Stock Exchange. Right-click anywhere in the window to filter the selection of stocks quoted by the constituents of the FTSE 100 or 250, or by the current contents of your Portfolios or Limit Minder. You can keep the ticker open while all other windows are closed.